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Sigmar Polke, 1993, Wien, © photo: Martijn van Nieuwenhuyzen

Research & Projects

In the long run, the foundation intends to be available to assist scholars in engaging in networks on a national and international level and to foster scholarly exchange about Sigmar Polke’s oeuvre.


The Anna Polke Foundation has launched a long-term oral art history project that documents the voices, impressions, and stories of Sigmar Polke’s companions, friends and contemporaries. The research that has been done up to now in the form of publications, conferences and exhibitions will be supplemented by personal reports and enhanced by additional perspectives. The resulting audio/video archive will provide a more comprehensive view of Sigmar Polke’s work and of contemporary history. The material is to be published successively and will be available to researchers.

In this context, we recommend a visit to the oral art history initiative Audioarchiv Kunst and the research project Café Deutschland belonging to the Städel Museum.


On the occasion of Sigmar Polke’s 80th birthday in 2021, the Anna Polke Foundation is initiating a jubilee project that includes an exhibition and a conference. The thematic focus will be on the productive potential of image interference in Sigmar Polke and current artistic positions.

A publication series, an academic symposium and a curatorial project are currently in planning.


Over the years Anna Polke has collected exhibition catalogues, monographs and newspaper articles and transferred them to the Foundation. She also donated personal documents, such as letters and records of her father, to the Foundation’s archive. In the long term, the Anna Polke Foundation’s archive is to be used to collect comprehensive publications, materials and relevant information on Sigmar Polke and make them available to interested parties for research purposes. We look forward to receiving donations in kind (catalogues, documents, etc.) for the further development of the Foundation’s archive.