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Polke Post

In the POLKE POST we explore in detail current topics or interesting facts around Sigmar Polke’s work. At the same time we keep you updated on the foundation’s activities and projects. The POLKE POST appears approximately every two to three months. Please enter your details in the registration window. Thank you very much.
The first two issues have so far only been published in German. With the third edition in July 2019, POLKE POST will be published in German and English. 

Here you can find the contributions that have already been published:

POLKE POST 1 (February 2019)
POLKE POST 2 (May 2019)
POLKE POST 3 (July 2019)
POLKE POST 4 (November 2019)
POLKE POST 5 (February 2020)
POLKE POST 6 – The Quarantine ABCs (May 2020)
POLKE POST 7 (June 2020)
POLKE POST 8 (October 2020)
POLKE POST 9 (January 2021)