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Polke Post

In the POLKE POST we explore in detail current topics or interesting facts around Sigmar Polke’s work. At the same time we keep you updated on the foundation’s activities and projects. The POLKE POST appears approximately every two to three months. Please enter your details in the registration window. Thank you very much.
The first two issues have so far only been published in German. From the third issue in July 2019, the POLKE POST is available in both German and English. 

Here you can find the contributions that have already been published:

POLKE POST 12 (August 2021)
Sigmar Polke and the magical

POLKE POST 11 (June 2021)
"Braque-damaged". Bice Curiger, Sigmar Polke and France

POLKE POST 10 (February 2021)
Sigmar Polke's 80th Birthday and our anniversary project Productive Image Interference

POLKE POST 9 (January 2021)
"Everyone can do easy", Mike Karstens and Polke's Iceberg (2001)

POLKE POST 8 (October 2020)
Ksenija Tschetschik-Hammerl, scholarship holder of the Anna Polke Foundation, about Polke, Stones and Meteorite

POLKE POST 7 (June 2020)
On the 10th anniversary of Polke's death, Jacqueline Burckhardt on his church windows in Grossmünster Zurich

POLKE POST 6 (May 2020)
Quarantine ABCs provided by the Anna Polke Foundation

POLKE POST 5 (February 2020)
Interview with Nina Bingel (ifa) on the occasion of the exhibition Polke vs. Blaudzun. Music of an Unknown Source, Cobra Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Amstelveen

POLKE POST 4 (November 2019)
From thanks for the donation of a wedding newspaper to the genesis of Polke's B.Z. am Mittag (1965)

POLKE POST 3 (July 2019)
On Sigmar Polke's Pasadena (1968) from a text by Christoph Wagner on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing

POLKE POST 2 (May 2019)
Dierk Stemmler on Sigmar Polke's contribution to the 42nd Biennale di Venezia, 1986 (Sorry, German only)

POLKE POST 1 (February 2019)
Sigmar Polke's speech at the awarding of the Erasmus Prize in 1994, after Marguerite Yourcenar's How Wang-Fu was Saved (Sorry, German only)