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On the occasion of Sigmar Polke’s 80th birthday in 2021, the Anna Polke Foundation realizes an anniversary project including an exhibition and festival. The focus will lie on the productive potential of image interference in Sigmar Polke’s work and those of current artists.

Polke Salon

POLKE SALON is a place of exchange that takes Sigmar Polke’s work and thinking as an artist as its model: curiosity and open ends, and finding and bringing the latter together. We cordially invite you to regular meetings in the rooms of our foundation, where on the following dates selected interlocutors will enter into dialogue about and with Polke’s work.

Programme 2021

4 February 2021 
“Anyone can do it easily”. Mike Karstens (graphic artist and gallery owner) and Anna Polke (founder and actress) in conversation with Christian Spies (University of Cologne) about the creation of graphic art and painting by Sigmar Polke.

29 April 2021 
“Loose connections”. Michael Oppitz (ethnologist) in conversation with Dietmar Rübel (art historian) about art and ethnology with, by, surrounding Sigmar Polke.

10 June 2021
“Cher Maître”. Bice Curiger (art historian and artistic director of the Fondation Vincent van Gogh in Arles) talks to Julie Sissia (scholarship holder of the Anna Polke Foundation 2019) about Sigmar Polke and France.

16 September 2021 
“Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo”. Petra Lange-Berndt (art historian, Hamburg) talking with Alex Sainsbury (founder and director Raven Row, London) about Sigmar Polke, Psychedelia and Great Britain.

The events start at 19:00 hrs. Registration is requested under:
An event format developed by the Anna Polke Foundation together with the Art History Institute of Cologne University, Prof. Dr. Christian Spies. 

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